The Motion Technology business unit's companies produces and sells conveyor chains, lifting chains and transmission chains, as well as products such as chain wheels, fasteners for lifting chains and consumables. The business unit sells and markets its products and services worldwide, primarily in Europe but also in Asia and America. The products are primarily used in the forestry and pulp industries, the automotive industry and the energy and food industries. Sales are mainly made using the unit's own brand, FB, to both OEM and end customers.

Motion Technology focuses on solutions and helps customers find the right products for their areas of application. One example is the business unit's ability to understand customer demand and offer products that complement each other optimally. The business unit also offers service, installation and assembly to meet customer requirements for continuous operation, increased productivity and elimination of production stoppages.

Business Unit Manager

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Anders Claeson

Business Unit Manager

+46 8 470 49 02

Our company in Motion Technology provides conveyor chains, lifting chains and transmission chains and sprockets products, attachments for lifting chains and consumable components.


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