CEONiklas Stenberg
Number of employees2600
Operations in20 countries



The Group has more than 2,600 employees in around 130 subsidiaries, generates annual sales of approximately SEK 9.5 billion and sells to around 20 countries. 

Freedom with responsibility is the core principle that applies throughout the organisation. The independence of the subsidiaries is crucial in recruiting talented employees and entrepreneurs. Each subsidiary has the opportunity to grow and develop its operations, provided that it follows Addtech’s business model and framework. Addtech therefore does not micromanage its companies, and instead exercises active ownership through its Board of Directors.

Success factors: A small-scale approach on a large scale

Addtech combines the flexibility, personality and efficiency of a small company with the resources, networks and long-term approach of a large business.

Profitable growth is achieved through continuous business and organisational development. This takes place in all of Addtech’s subsidiaries. In addition, the Group develops through the acquisition of new subsidiaries, enabling expansion into new markets and a wider range of niche products and services. 

Addtech shares are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. Addtech’s financial year is 1 April to 31 March. 

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